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Without a Song or Dance, What Are We? ABBA, The Museum

wherejacwanders.com – Before I visited Sweden recently, I didn’t know a lot about the country. The word Sweden conjured images of IKEA stores, great design, salmon and other culinary delights and of course ABBA.

Childhood memories of singing along to ABBA and as a young adult no dance floor singalong or party was complete without singing to Dancing Queen, Waterloo or back to back dancing to Mamma Mia! So when we arrived in Stockholm a visit to ABBA, The Museum was top of our list. I expected the costumes and memorabilia but was super surprised and excited by how interactive the whole place is. We started downstairs looking at the costumes worn at ABBA’s Eurovision winning performance then jumped up on stage for our own version of Waterloo.

The museum is packed with sparkly costumes, glittering guitars, vintage photos of Benny, Björn, Frida and Agnetha, vinyls, video photos and more. It has exhibits such as a  recreation of The Folkpark where the members first met; Ring Ring – a special phone that only the four members of ABBA know the number to; Benny’s Piano – a self-playing piano which is linked to Benny’s own piano in his home, so plays when he does; Waterloo – a section, made out to look like Brighton in at the time of the 1974 Eurovision Song Contest has a collection of many items from that fateful event; The Polar Studio – A recreation of the studio in which ABBA recorded most of their music, you can see many items used in the studio.

The museum also has the actual helicopter from the cover of Abba’s 1976 album Arrival, in which we posed for photos of course!

Exploring further and you get to feel like the fifth member of the band. We got to sing our hearts out in a mini recording booth, jumped up on stage and sang alongside silhouettes of the band and laughed again at ourselves so much when we got home and downloaded our videos of us onstage with the band using the special code on our ticket. It certainly wasn’t a place to take life too seriously or be self-conscious!!

The whole museum is a sensory overload tribute to the band. A must for ABBA fans and anyone wishing to have a day of laughs, memories and fun!

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ABBA, The Museum


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