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Weekend Getaway to The Sidji Hotel, Pekalongan

We recently headed back to The Sidji Hotel to explore Pekalongan some more. We loved the town and the heritage boutique hotel last time and decided a weekend there would be just what we needed as a break in our busy lives. I adore Pekalongan architecture and this hotel has captured the style in a perfect way without sacrificing modern hotel comforts.


Our suite overlooked the beautiful courtyard and pool area. The room had all we needed to relax- a comfortable bed, a living room to chill in and a bathroom with a tub we just wanted to float in for hours. My favourite spots in the hotel were the lobby with its stained glass windows, the cafe area near the pool and the old Javanese day bed, perfect to lie back and read a book.

Breakfast was a delicious buffet of Javanese and western dishes. I loved the traditional cakes and of course the Jamu, traditional herbal drinks. In the middle of the day we also went back for another serve of es tung tung in kopyor and chocolate flavours- this is a must try at the hotel.

For a getaway in Pekalongan and to learn more about the history of this hotel: thesidjihotel-pekalongan.com


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