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Waking Up On Ohoililir Beach, Kei Island

www.wherejacwanders.com – A few years ago, after some turbulent flights, I developed a fear of flying and felt really uncomfortable each time I flew. It wasn’t bad enough to stop me travelling, but when choosing holiday destinations, I picked places where big engine planes flew in and tried to go for early morning flights, as I’d heard there was often less turbulence. So when I decided to go to Kei and knew I’d be flying a small propeller plane I was a little nervous but I was determined not to let fear hold me back. I booked my ticket and next thing I knew I was at Ambon Airport, belly full of Natsepa Rujak and ready to board. The scenery flying across from Ambon was amazing and I did it: faced my fears and flew on the small plane! I’m pleased to say my fear of flying was just a phase although I still try to pick reputable airlines whenever possible. The flight from Ambon to Kei took about one and a half hours with the Kei Islands located in eastern Maluku between the Northern Territory of Australia and West Papua. These islands are actually closer to Darwin than Jakarta.

My flight to Dumatubun Airport, Kei Kecil, (which incidentally has the cutest airport code ever-LUV!) arrived late afternoon and my taxi to Coaster Cottages at Ohoililir, where I’d booked my first night cost Rp. 200,000. I stopped in at Savannah Cottages as I’d heard these were the best two accommodation choices but settled on Coaster as I liked the room better and the staff were so friendly. Neither had much phone reception or internet access which was a welcome break. I arrived at Coaster just in time to see the sun go down so didn’t really know what the beach was like. You can imagine my pleasure when I awoke to these views of Ngursarnadan Beach. I decided this was where I’d stay my whole week.

I took an early morning walk and decided to venture top into the forest enticed by beautiful banyan trees further along the beach, as you head right from Coaster. There was no track and the forest was full of birds and spiders but I found a stunning and huge lagoon behind. I couldn’t find a track down and my tummy was rumbling for breakfast so I took a few pictures then headed back to Coaster Cottages. It’s on the top my list to explore next time I’m in Kei Kecil.

I stayed at Coaster Cottages and I booked by emailing Bob. Accommodation there is clean and it is the only guesthouse right on this white sand beach. Once there, Ibu Ketty is a wealth of knowledge and can help booking motorbikes, cars, boats etc. I recommend paying for meals at the cottages- the meals were delicious and the communal dining table was a great way to meet other travellers and hear about things to do.

web: www. coastercottages.wordpress.com

email: bob.azyz@yahoo.co.id

mobile : +6281 343 472 978


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