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Umbul Manten, Newlyweds Spring

wherejacwanders.com  During our recent weekend getaway to Solo, on Sunday morning we got up bright and early to beat the crowds of locals to Umbul Manten, Klaten.  Umbul meaning water spring and Manten is from the Javanese word marriage is a local water spring named after the folklore story of a pair of newlyweds who were said to have come to the spring to bathe and vanished.

A cool and refreshing freshwater spring surrounded by rice paddies and banyan trees. Enough to wash away any stress.

My smile says it all…

We got out the underwater camera and got a cute foot shot….

…and a strange zombie like underwater pic!

We soaked for an hour or so then had hot coffees and fried Tempe served with spicy green chillies. I also tried a local snail satay stick. I’m always up for a new taste or adventure!



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