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Tips for Train Travel in Java.

Training is my favourite way to get around Java. Trains in Indonesia are relatively cheap and clean and I love watching the countryside as you pass through. I recently went to Pekalongan and caught the train from Gambir station.


A few tips of my tips for train travel in Indonesia.

  1. Book well in advance for best priced tickets and to be sure to get a seat especially on long weekends
  2. Arrive at the station with plenty of time to print your ticket
  3. Bring your ID
  4. I always bring tissues and wet tissues when travelling- good for wiping hands and any sticky trays etc.
  5. Don’t leave your bags or valuables unattended. Be careful with your things if you’re planning a sleep.
  6. You can buy food and hot and cold drinks on Indonesian trains. I usually bring my own which is allowed and bring my own water bottles to cut down on plastic waste. I always feel better travelling sustainably.
  7. Smile. Trains are a great place to meet local people and hear about hidden spots to visit.



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Here are some shots from an old railway yard behind Pekalongan Station. We found it ten minutes before our train was due so I only had time for a quick run around and to snap a few shots. I thought it was beautiful.

Happy train travels.

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