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Tiny Houses Stockholm Style

www.wherejacwanders.com – We stumbled across this gorgeous park, Tantolunden, on one of our afternoon strolls around Stockholm. We had been wandering along by the river near Hörnstull and decided to walk up the hill to get a view of the late afternoon sun over the river. We could see lots of colourful houses and manicured gardens so we headed up for a look around. Tantolunden is a large park by Årstaviken on the island of Södermalm.

The first person we met was a lovely Swedish woman staying in her family’s house for the summer. She explained that there are around 100 allotment gardens where people can grow food, flowers and stay over the summer months. We were there late afternoon and it was lovely seeing people out watering their plots and chatting to their neighbours. It reminded me of my childhood summers and walking up and down the street talking to neighbours out watering their flowers and lawns.

The city’s allotments, known as the kolonilotts, were founded by a Stockholm nurse in the early 1900’s as a way of helping Stockholm’s poor living in apartments grow their own vegetables and enjoy the benefits of spending time outside. Many of tiny houses built on the kolonilotts are “Dalarna Red” – the traditional color of Swedish country houses.  In the gardens we saw a combination of beds full of edible delights such as onions, potatoes, fruits, herbs and lettuces and others blooming with wild roses, rhododendrons and peonies.

The gardens took me back to my childhood and a reminder of how much I enjoy the distinct seasons and accompanying flowers. I’m sure my mum will know exactly who I was thinking of when I took the picture of the pink sweet peas climbing up towards the sunshine.

Wouldn’t the world’s cities be better places if everyone could have a little garden and neighbours like this? I highly recommend a visit to the Tantolunden Kolonilott if you’re in Stockholm

Address: Tantolunden, 11741, Stockholm. Jump on a train and get off Zinkensdamm T-bana.



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