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The Staging Post – A Must See Documentary For All.

www.wherejacwanders.com – Having being involved with the Cisarua Refugee Learning Centre since its opening, I have been waiting so impatiently to see this documentary about the centre. So when JolyonHoff, the film maker, told me he was coming to Jakarta I was super excited. We watched the film at Kinosaurus, an intimate little cinema in Kemang.

The Staging Post follows Muzafar and Khadim, two Afghan refugees, stuck in Indonesia after Australia ‘stopped the boats’. Facing many years in limbo they built a community, started a school, changed UN refugee policy and inspired a refugee edcuation revolution.

A film about friendship, connection and the power of community.

A highlight was the chance to have Khadim join us on a live video chat all the way from L.A. He shared his raw and insightful thoughts and as always stole the show. A true star!

Watching the film I felt moments of joy, frustration and sadness but my overwhelming feeling was pride for all achieved by these men I am now lucky to call friends.

Try to get along to a screening of this documentary or organise a screening yourself. I can’t recommend it highly enough: www.thestagingpost.com.au


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