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The Heart of Cape Cabin, Cape Woolamai

wherejacwanders.com – I believe that all homes have a heart. A place you feel comfortable and are naturally drawn to in a place. For me at Cape Cabin, the delightful mud brick property at Cape Woolamai, Phillip Island, the heart is the kitchen. At its centre is a large wooden communal table with long bench seats. It is around this oversized table where we always seem to gather together on our visits to Cape Cabin.

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A modern well equipped modern kitchen that still feels warm thanks to its mud brick walls. The owners’ love of entertaining and good quality food and drink evident with features such as the  Moccamaster Filter coffee machine, a rice cooker, pasta maker, bread maker + handheld bamix.

My memories of Cape Cabin include time upstairs playing cards and games, reading in the papasan chair (which just happens to be covered in my favourite Marimekko fabric), sleep-ins listening to the rolling waves across the road and walks down to the beach, rugged up against the ocean winds. My warmest fuzziest memories, however, are of mornings eating bacon and eggs, long lazy lunches, afternoons of coffee and gin and nights of hot roasts and local produce.

An oversized communal table + good food + friends + family seem to be what my ideal holiday looks like.

For more information www.capecabin.com



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