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The Clay Ridge Experience

We recently visited Peninsula Hot Springs and wanting to try something new, we booked in for the Clay Ridge experience. We made our way to the Clay Ridge area, set amongst the unique coastal scrub,  where we were met by our very own clay master- how unique is that? He took the time to explain the properties of each of the clays available and then let us  start painting each other.

For centuries indigenous people around the world have enjoyed the benefits of locally harvested clays and muds for medicinal properties and ceremonial gatherings. Minerals and trace elements in clay and mud are known for their renowned effects and healing properties.

Clay Ridge is an outdoor journey like no other – where therapeutic clay powder is mixed with geothermal water to create the clay which you can then apply to your own skin. Inspired by ancient traditions these detoxifying clays, which are rich in minerals, are yours to enjoy through a unique restorative treatment.

While also lots of fun, there was also something rather sensual about painting each other and the cool mud felt wonderful on the hot summer’s day. After the fun painting each other, we let the clay do its magic; drawing out toxins and impurities from our skin.

As the clay began to dry and crack and after lots of laughs , we washed it off under the natural geothermal mineral showers, leaving our skin feeling soft and rejuvenated. I love a good shower and these high pressure showers were wonderful. Our skin was left feeling soft and rejuvenated after this indulgent fun experience.

As much fun as it was as a couple I can also picture myself with a group of girlfriends, and a bottle of champagne indulging in this experience.

For more information: www.peninsulahotsprings.com

contact details

140 Springs Lane, Fingal (Rye), 3939
Mornington Peninsula
Victoria, Australia

p: 03 5950 8777
Int: +61 3 5950 8777

Opening hours

  • Bath House 7am – 10pm
  • Spa Dreaming Centre 8am – 9pm
  • Phone reservations 8.45am – 6pm Monday to Friday, 8:45am to 5pm Saturday and Sunday







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