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Suwe Ora Jamu Salihara

www.wherejacwanders.com – We recently visited Suwe Ora Jamu’s Salihara outlet. Suwe Ora Jamu is a  Javanese Jamu House serving traditional herbal drinks. We’ve always loved the house blends and Javanese snacks and meals at the other Suwe Ora Jamu outlets but what we really loved about the Salihara one is the fresh design.

Combining traditional Javanese decor in a minimalistic setting has really worked well. The light is amazing as is the view over beautiful old trees- two things that aren’t always easy to find in Jakarta. Our favourites on the menu are the Temulawak and Beras Kencur Jamu blends and this time we snacked on pisang goreng and fried tempe and tahu followed by nasi goreng kecombrang – yum.

We enjoyed it so much we chose to come back and use the cafe for a recent photo shoot. The light was perfect and our shoot went so well. Check out some of our photographs from the fabulous Suwe Ora Jamu Salihara.


Suwe Ora Jamu (Komunitas Salihara)
Komunitas Salihara, Jl. Salihara No.16

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