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Stockholm, and the promise of a new adventure.

www.wherejacwanders.com – There’s something so exciting about the first day of a trip. The excitement of closing a packed suitcase, driving out to the airport, boarding the plane, watching the distance tick down on the seat screen and the feeling when you step off the plane and inhale the air of a new place.  Going with someone who you just love travelling with (my own travel junkie), just makes it even more exciting. That’s how I felt when we flew out of Jakarta for our recent trip to Stockholm.

We booked flights from Jakarta with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines  and after an hour or two of checking out tulips at Schiphol Airport we flew to Stockholm.

Follow the sun ? between Amsterdam and Stockholm. // @visitstockholm @visitsweden

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I love breathing in fresh air. I love seeing new trees. I love the sound of a different language. I love hearing the chirp of unfamiliar birds. I love the smell of new blooms.  So I was in heaven when we stepped off the plane at Arlanda Airport, Stockholm.  We jumped on a bus to Sergels Torg to the Stockholm Tourism Board for our Stockholm Key of Honour cards, Stockholm Pass cards and SL access cards. (Thanks so much, these were invaluable!)

From there we headed to our accommodation in Bredang. We were greeted by the delightful owner Stefan, who served us hot coffee and while we chatted and caught up we wandered around the property breathing in the new place. Bredangs Vandrarhem Hostel reminded me of Moonrise Kingdom, one of my favourite Wes Anderson movies. I was delighted to be there.

We then braved the cold for a walk around the local park to watch the sunset. The birch trees took me back to my childhood in Melbourne and my uncle’s driveway.

Next morning we rose with the sun and headed back to the park and on to the gorgeous lake nearby. Mossy rocks, birch trees, birds singing in the crisp air and the sun shining over the lake. I knew we were in for a magnificent holiday.

Morning walks Sweden style ??

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Thanks to https://www.visitstockholm.com/ & www.klm.com.

More of our adventures in Sweden to follow…


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