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Snösätra Street Art Scene

www.wherejacwanders.com – My love for street art has seen me looking it up all around the world. From the laneways of Melbourne to the wonderful art decorating buildings and walls across Penang, I’ve travelled far and wide to see this art. I hadn’t heard much about the street art scene in Stockholm so when I stumbled on some images of Snösätra, I was super keen to check it out.

Here’s my guide to getting there and enjoying this amazing spot.

Not connected by any main roads, Snösätra industriområde for a long time was a forgotten and run-down industrial area in southern Stockholm. That changed in 2014 when the landowners gave permission for the grey and debilitated walls to be painted over by graffiti artists. Snösätra Graffiti Wall of Fame thus became Europe’s largest legal street art area.

Practically every sliver of the walls along the streets running through the neighborhood is covered by graffiti. We first ended up exploring some old sheds and a small forested area before coming out right in the middle of the Wall of Fame. It’s not just the walls that are painted. Fences, trucks, bins and every available surface have become works of art.

Eye-catching images of people, animals, and objects adorn whatever space is available. Paintings done by different street artists from around the world, have transformed Snösätra into a canvas displaying a mishmash of different graffiti styles and themes.

Situated in the suburb of Rågsved the open-air (and all year round) exhibition is certainly off the beaten path, but well worth a visit for anyone with even just a passing interest in street art. Both Swedish and international artists bring their signature style each year, and there’s also an open wall where anyone who respects the rules is welcome to showcase their artistry. There’s an annual festival every spring with music, DJ’s and live-painting to unveil new murals as well as a handful of official vernissages and parties all through the summer.

Travel 20 minutes from Stockholm central station by metro to Rågsved, and walk 1km to towards the street Snösätragränd. Snösätra Wall of Fame is about a 1km walk from the Rågsved metro station (green line toward Hagsätra).

You won’t be disappointed!


Snösätragränd 1

124 60 Högdalen

Webpage: snosatrakultur.se


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