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Skansen: A Nostalgic Step Back Into The Past.

wherejacwanders.com – There’s something I find fascinating about stepping into an open air museum where everyone is in period costume, life goes on like in days past and you are immersed in days gone by. Skansen, Sweden’s oldest open air museum was no exception. We caught the Hop On , Hop Off bus to Skansen, which is located on beautiful Royal Djurgården.

Skansen was first opened by Artur Hazelius in 1891 to show the way of life in different parts of Sweden before the industrial era. After extensive travelling, Hazelius bought around 150 houses from all over Sweden and had them shipped piece by piece to the museum, where they were rebuilt to provide a unique picture of traditional Sweden. Only three of the buildings in the museum are not original, and were painstakingly copied from examples he had found. All of the buildings are open to visitors and show the full range of Swedish life from the Skogaholm Manor house built in 1680, to the 16th century Älvros farmhouses.

These pics feel like the cover of a daggy 70’s folk album. I love them!

I loved watching pottery being made in the traditional manner, seeing what a traditional Swedish general store would have looked like and stepping into an old school house complete with its headmaster’s residence.

The old dairy shop where we traeted ourselves to slated caramels. Perfect for a cold day!

Of course I loved the animals and the gardens too. It felt strange seeing so many unfamiliar birds & plants, as back home in Australia most wildlife I see is familiar. I loved seeing the elk and other Swedish animals including super cute woolly goats and gorgeous geese.

Wandering around the grounds was a fascinating glimpse into Sweden’s people and buildings and culture of the past.

I’m thinking Bowie looks pretty cute in this hat… Hey traveljunkie??

Spring is in the air!! Loving the pair of birds above us…

We were lucky to be at Skansen for an  amazing Swedish Easter. Read about Easter at Skansen here.

Thanks again Visit Stockholm for the Key of Honour card. We loved all we saw so much. Can’t wait to get back to Stockholm again!


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