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Sadranan Beach Sunset, Gunung Kidul

We hopped on our motorbike in Jogjakarta as I needed a swim in the ocean. It was our first time to explore the beaches of Gunung Kidul and with friends down there I was happy for a spontaneous overnight getaway. We stopped for lunch and to see a lovely flower garden and arrived mid afternoon after about a three hour leisurely ride.

The beach was crowded with huts and stalls selling coconuts and instant noodles but the water and sand were almost empty and we had a swim then lay back to watch the sunset. We enjoyed the view of a local fisherman casting his nets as the sun dipped lower and lower behind him.

Next morning we got up early for a swim before breakfast and after a swim and nasi we headed back to Jogja, sandy haired and relaxed. A perfect chance to get in to the salty water and wash away the stresses of life with a dose of vitamin sea.

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