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Spicy Rujak at Natsepa Beach, Ambon

www.wherejacwanders.com – The most delicious rujak I’ve ever had (and I’ve had a lot) was served on the shore of Natsepa Beach in Suli Village Maluku Tengah. The shoreline is fitted with bamboo stalls selling this delicious fruit and fresh coconut water. Further along you can buy a variety of snacks and coffee and tea. My coffee came served in a Bintang beer glass- so Indonesian!

Rujak is a popular Indonesian snack perfect to eat in the heat of the day. Cut up fruit is served with a delicious paste which varies slightly from place to place. The Natsepa rujak paste is a combination of tamarind, palm sugar, chilli, salt and peanuts. It is ground together in a mortar and pestle and left chunky. Instead of mixing the ingredients with water when grinding it up they mix fruit such as star fruit or papaya. I think this and the chunky roasted peanuts that give it its unique flavour. This paste is served over freshly chopped green papaya, jambu, mango, star fruit and yam.


Natsepa Beach is typical of the east Indonesian beaches- white sand and clear turquoise water. A perfect place to spend an afternoon floating in the water, resting under a coconut palm and eating rujak.

If you go to Ambon be sure to check it out: Rujak Ulek di Pantai Natsepa , Ambon.


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