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Our Sweet Suite At Capri by Fraser, China Square, Singapore

On our latest visit to Singapore, we had the pleasure of staying at the latest addition to Capri by Fraser’s accommodation options, Capri by Fraser, China Square. Located right next to Chinatown in the heart of the CBD, it was the perfect location for us to base ourselves for a few days’ work and exploring.

I loved the design of the hotel. I really enjoy visiting places that acknowledge and are proud of their heritage, and this hotel was certainly no exception. Interiors are inspired by old Chinatown, interpreted with a distinctly modern twist. A few of my favourite touches were the bird cages hanging off the roof of JUN, the hotel restaurant, which were reminiscent of the bird singing corners of old Singapore; the giant Chinese characters for peace in the hotel lobby made with beads in the style of a Chinese abacus; and the bedside tables shaped like colourful tiffin tins. The design is well thought out for comfort and functionality while embracing the past in a hip modern fashion.

We stayed in an executive suite which was equipped with a kitchen to prepare meals but with the food choices at JUN and all the delicious restaurants nearby we were happy just to chill some beverages and make ourselves a coffee.

Our suite echoed the design of the hotel with its modern colours and heritage features.

If ever you find yourself in Singapore and wanting a place to stay and wander, you should definitely check out Capri by Fraser, China Square / Singapore.

Book now, chinasquare.capribyfraser.com.

Stay tuned for more of our adventures in Singapore.


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