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Millesgården Statues, Stockholm

www.wherejacwanders.com – We visited Millesgården on a cloudy summer’s day on our latest trip to Stockholm. The spectacular museum built on terraces is the former home of artists Carl and Olga Milles. In the park, some of Carl Milles most famous sculptures are on display.

There was something exciting about seeing his statues so large and interesting. His garden and its statues seem to reflect a daring nature. In his garden he was able to able to freely integrate such diverse architectural fragments as columns from King Gustav Ill’s opera house, a marble arch entrance from Stockholm’s demolished Hotel Rydberg with a steep stone cliff site transformed by monumental stairways and juniper planted terraces. The garden invokes a feeling of the Mediterranean and also a tribute to his wife’s Austrian heritage.


Herserudsvägen 32

18134 Lidingö

Phone: +46(0)8-446 75 90



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