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Mangrove Trekking in Karimunjawa Islands

wherejacwanders.com – I love mangroves. I’ve heard them called smelly, muddy, mosquito swamps but I still love them. Why? Well they are always near the coast which means I’m near the beach. Tick one for making me happy! They are full and I mean full of wildlife- tick two for making me smile.

Mangroves are like a different world, away from the heat and buzzing noise of the city. The tranquil effect of magnificent mangrove scenery is understated. Visiting mangrove wetlands gives a glimpse of the beauty and elegance of these ecosystems and always makes me think about their impact on the environment. The maze of trees hum with life; the soft sound of small marine animals splashing in the water is as calming as it is mesmerizing.

Mangroves, also known as mangal, are trees and shrubs that grow in brackish waters in creeks and coastlines; they can thrive in salt-water environments that most plants can’t tolerate. They are unique not only because of their amazing adaptability but because of the many ecological, aesthetic and economic values they offer on land and sea communities. If not for mangrove trees, coral reefs and other sealife would not be available.

Karimunjawa Islands are renowned for their natural tourism, with coral reefs, seaweed, pond weeds, diverse species, mangroves, mountains, coastal and lowland tropical forests, all integrated in a pristine National Marine Park. Its fauna is also varied, including deer, long-tailed monkeys, large bats, tree rats, porcupines and civets. If you need somewhere to spend a few hours in the afternoon, we’d recommend the Mangrove Trekking. Finish the afternoon off by going for a walk around Mangrove Trekking. I just love the mangrove forest here.

Our afternoon of peace and tranquility was capped off by watching the sun set in this spot. Just perfect. Check out the photo at the top of this post. What a gorgeous scene!

Karimunjawa Island Mangrove Trekking.


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