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Lakeside Summer Evenings Stockholm Style

www.wherejacwanders.com – Last visit to Stockholm this lake was one of my favourite spots. Just a short stroll up the road from our accommodation in Bredängs Vandrarhem, we went for an early morning walk around this lake on our last day. The trees were still quite bare and we played with sheets of ice and listened to the ice cracking on the edge of the lake. There were little patches of snow covering the mossy ground. We watched a deer stroll cautiously about.

This time the same place has a totally different vibe with locals out enjoying the warm summer sunshine, the lakes abuzz with motor boats and yachts and people picnicking along the grassy shoreline. We saw a hare hop past and my favourites were the buttercups, moss and silver birches- white trunks glistening against bright green foliage.
The changing of the seasons is something I miss since living in the tropics, where days are either hot and wet, or hot and dry.

A stroll along the lake was a beautiful start to this Swedish holiday. Now to get used to these 10 pm sunsets and shake my jet lag.

For accommodation we loved Bredänd Vandrarhem. Located about 10 km south of the city, it was a short walk to the train station and in the other direction to the beach at Lake Mälaren.




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