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Glad påsk. Celebrating Easter Swedish Style at Skansen.

wherejacwanders.com – During our recent trip to Stockholm we were lucky to see lots of Swedish Easter traditions. Little girls dressed as freckled witches, bright yellow chicken cakes and feathers adorning statues and homes around the city. One of my favourite things to see when we visited Skansen, Sweden’s oldest outdoor museum, was a traditional house where a woman in old fashioned clothes was doing daily chores as she would have 70-80 years ago and as it was Easter week when we visited, she was cooking up traditional Swedish Easter recipes and had Easter decorations on display to see.  She’d made gorgeous mushrooms from eggs and tomatoes using a recipe from an old cook book which was on display to see. Such a gorgeous idea.

In the old school house, we also saw a woman dressed as the teacher’s wife doing traditional Easter crafts and decorating Swedish easter style. What a treat for us.



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