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Ginkgo Blommor, Blooming Fabulous

www.wherejacwanders.com – I loved this shop from the minute I walked through the door. I adore plant shops and florists. Sometimes I detour on my way home from work to ride past the flower vendors lining a local street. I think my love of plants has rubbed off on Bowie and I love watching him lovingly watering the plants, moving them around inside and out and tenderly repotting and pruning.

I remember walking into florists as a child and just adoring the smell of flowers and the fresh air. Dad would buy mum little purple bunches of violets and sometimes daphne. I’d open my bedroom window on summer evenings to smell the geraniums and jasmine and sit on the window sill looking at them. As a little little girl, I loved joining my dad at his Sunday market jewellery stall. Dad would give me my own little corner where my chubby hands laid out foil wrapped bunches of flowers I had picked in the neighbours’ gardens. I sold them for 5 cents and still remember my little spray bottle I would take to keep them alive all day. Sunday mornings I would get up early to watch Kevin Heinz on the ABC presenting Sow What. One of my favourite presents ever was from a visiting artist my mum was looking after. He came from Arizona in the States, and when he found out about my love of cacti, he gave me a beautiful pot with three or four little different cacti, beautiful pebbles and a little ceramic monkey. I loved it. When my friends had dolls and other collections, I had a shelf of cacti in my bedroom! I still get the same buzz of excitement in flower shops now. We walked past this little shop, Gingko Blommer, on a day of exploring Södermalm.

It had some of my favourites- cacti, tiny succulents, chain of hearts, a fridge of stunning blooms and some little trees like cumquat trees. I can’t explain what it is about these shops that I love so much. The combination of delightful smells, memories of childhood and gorgeous colours makes me smile from inside out. I loved Gingko so much we visited twice on our recent Stockholm trip.

Plant enthusiasts beware: you might be like me and unable to leave empty handed. I snuck one little plant, a Chain of Hearts, back to the tropics with me. I think its missing Stockholm too!

Gingko Blommor

Address: Hornsgatan 60, 118 21 Stockholm, Sweden

Phone: +46 820 41 11

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