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Exploring Capri by Fraser, China Square / Singapore

www.wherejacwanders.com – Here are some pics from our recent stay at Capri by Fraser, China Square / Singapore. The hotel was just what we needed for a few days of business mixed with pleasure and exploring.

One area we loved was The Den where we spent a nostalgic afternoon playing card games and reading some of the design books on display.  My partner loved the single chairs where you can hide yourself away and make calls or work in your own world. I loved the light flooding the space as well as the greenery and the overhead flowers tumbling down over the main round table. I was also impressed with the wireless charging stations where you just placed your phone to charge. A perfect spot to meet up with a group, co-work, for a meeting or just to chill and unwind. Exclusive to Capri by Fraser, The Den was accessible to all guests staying in the Executive category and offered all-day free flow coffee and tea and snacks with free Wi-Fi.

Other features of the hotel of note were the rooftop pool with spectacular views of Singapore’s skyline; the gym and the laundry area, ‘Spin and Play’, where you can play a retro Atari machine while waiting for your laundry to wash and dry. Our final score on the Atari was one all- we definitely plan to go back and finish this challenge off!

If ever you find yourself in Singapore and wanting a place to stay and wander, you should definitely check out Capri by Fraser, China Square / Singapore.

Book now, chinasquare.capribyfraser.com.

Stay tuned for more of our adventures in Singapore.


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