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Escape to Childhood Summers…

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wherejacwanders.com –  A series of my photographs from Summer 2018 which were exhibited in our photography group’s exhibition with the theme, Scapes. My photos take the viewer on a trip of my memories of hot summer days. These are taken along the Mornington Peninsula, the holiday spot for Melbourne families from years ago.  Each summer we’d pack up the car and our golden Labrador and we’d spend weeks down at the beach. Days filled with sand, waves and rock pools. Bikes, card games, cubby houses and books filled the time not on the beach.



Cape Woolamai Ocean Beachside

The cool kid stance. The piercing gaze along the long flat road stretching along the coastline. Meeting up with friends and riding bikes along. Bikes thrown onto dunes as the sun rose overhead and the waves’ outstretched hands became irresistible. Swim done and it was back on your bike to get a lemonade icy pole at the local milk bar.



Blairgowrie Front Beach

Once a shady place to throw on your bathers, play a game of cards in the shade and store your dinghy and paddles, the iconic beach boxes are now are the domain of the rich, where cheeses and champagne are spread along fancy picnic blankets. I love the nostalgia and simplicity of the milk carton strapped on the bike and the lines green and blue.



Blairgowrie Front Beach

There’s something about the colour of sun bleached jetty wood that takes me right back to my childhood. I can feel that cool water and taste the salt as I plunge in- again and again.



Blairgowrie Back Beach

Kelp waving its arms about and dancing to the tide. A deep green pool home to a multitude of life. Little fish dart between the seaweed- flashes of gold and silver in the bright light. A seagull stands on guard by the rock pool gazing out at the breaking waves.



Rosebud Jetty

Many summers afternoons were spent jumping off jetties, climbing back up wooden ladders, throwing fishing rods down but not really having much patience to catch anything and running along barefoot, only pausing to pick wooden splinters out of our feet.



Bridgewater Bay, Blairgowrie Back Beach

That’s what I’ve always called these. The delightful pop under your feet as you walked across them. Strands dangled around heads like precious jewels. The squirt of salty water on your face as you squeezed them.


1, 2, 3, JUMP!

Blairgowrie Jumping Rock

Jumping off this rock was a rite of passage. As you got older and braver you went higher and higher. Each summer was a new level to conquer. I can still feel my heart beating faster and faster as I climbed up the back. Once on the ledge with eyes upon you, there was no turning back. 1,2, 3, JUMP! was the only way down.



Blairgowrie Front Beach

It was the question always asked when the seagulls descended squawking and flapping all around. Once one chip was thrown from your paper-wrapped fish and chips, a flock of these birds closed in from all directions. If you were lucky they only stole a chip and not a piece of battered fish from your greasy fingers.



Peninsula Hills

The evening view as the cows return home for each night. Along the horizon, they make their way down the dried grassy hills. Inevitably a gentle stroll gives way to a run as their leader picks up pace. Glorious fluffy cotton-like clouds highlight the vastness of the Australian skies.



Bridgewater Bay, Blairgowrie Back Beach

I can feel the warmth of the sun as it sets. A golden ray thrown over the cliff tops. Ending a day of beachside fun, the setting sun was the time to head home: bodies salty, hair scraggly and a face full of freckles. Early nights and back to the sands the next morning to do it all again.



Sorrento Back Beach

Crashing waves as the sun slowly sinks casting its orange then pink rays over the rock pools. Clumps of green seaweed cushioned my feet as I walked over the sharp rocks.



Sorrento Back Beach

Golden and yellow rays as the sun slides down the sky, hues changing to pink, crimson and scarlet as she disappears for the day. The noise of the day has given way to a silence broken only by a gentle breeze and the lapping of waves. Ripples in an otherwise mirror like pool. Strangers united by the beauty.


These are a few more that I didn’t include in the exhibition but I love them too.


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