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Dining at JUN, Capri China Square, Singapore.

During our stay at Capri by Fraser, China Square, Singapore, we spent hours wandering the local streets and, of course, sampling the local cuisine. As always though, after lots of walking and exploring, we wanted to chill and eat at our accommodation and we were keen to try the new JUN restaurant. Set off the colourful lobby of the new Capri by Fraser, China Square, JUN, aims to deliver the authentic Singapore experience through its culinary expertise.

In line with the hotel’s design-led style, this place fills itself with a Chinoiserie-chic interior brought out by oriental elements and multi-coloured wall art, featuring a distinctive presentation of “tradition” and “modern” created by local artists.

Highlighting the union of traditional cooking techniques paired with the freshest ingredients, JUN put a new spin on familiar Chinese and local cuisine and delivered a hearty feast and a visual treat.

We had two meals at JUN- breakfast and dinner. Breakfast was a combination of western and eastern served buffet style. I loved the Singaporean style rice porridge, fresh fruit and the smoked salmon.        

For dinner we enjoyed a delicious six-course Chinese feast with the perfect combination of comfort foods like the herbal chicken soup with red dates and goji berries and Singapore treats such as Crab Bee Hoon Soup and Char-grilled Pork Jowl Char Siew. We rounded off with a shared selection of desserts including Baked Chempedak Crumble, Poached Pear and a Durian Tart with vanilla ice-cream.

Of course we couldn’t come to Singapore and not have a Singapore Sling and we also tried a Rose Mela with the subtle flavour of Earl Grey tea.

If ever you find yourself in Singapore and wanting a place to stay and wander, you should definitely check out Capri by Fraser, China Square / Singapore. While you’re there don’t forget to treat your belly and reserve a table at JUN.

Book now, chinasquare.capribyfraser.com.

Stay tuned for more of our adventures in Singapore.


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