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Cowes to Melbourne Wanderings

wherejacwanders.com – We took our time driving back to Melbourne after our recent stay in Phillip Island. It’s a gorgeous two hour drive. After leaving Cape Cabin, we stopped for an early dinner at Saltwater in Cowes. It was a chance to watch locals heading out fishing, scooting around the bay in their dinghies and wander along the sun bleached wooden jetty. After crossing the bridge, we hit the highway, but pulled off a few times to explore little country roads and couldn’t resist dipping our toes in the sand one last time before we returned to the city. We also pulled over to admire the evening light through roadside flowers and then watched a herd of cows ambling back home. The bright blue sky with the sun beginning to dip down was a perfect backdrop for the rolling summer hills.

I’m sure you’ll agree it’s a special little corner of this glorious world.



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