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Chic Coastal Dining at Seasalt Seminyak

wherejacwanders.com – You know the feeling. Everything on the menu sounds amazing. Your dining companions make their choices. You want to try this this and that, but which one to order? Well that’s how I often feel when confronted with a menu that looks as fresh and modern as the Brunch menu does at Seminyak’s hip beachside, Seasalt. So that’s why I love the dining concept here. FOMO no more! Presented on small plates are a range of dishes just the right size to sate your tastebuds and leave room to try all you want.

“Seasalt marks the start of a tantalizing seafood dining experience in Seminyak, with a dash of Japanese infusion, exciting palates with an enticing taste of the sea in its fresh seafood selection.”

We made our way through the menu from Japanese inspired dishes, to fresh seafood, delightfully different salads, tender meats and hot rice and spicy noodles. We then headed out beachside to kick back in the afternoon rays and enjoy delicious desserts and coffee. This was the perfect dining spot for me.

Set right on the gorgeous Seminyak Beach, Seasalt is the ultimate in freshness and chic. The open plan kitchen and choices of indoor and outdoor seating contribute to the relaxed vibe. We’ll definitely be back for lunch and a glass or two of bubbly.

Book now: www.alilahotels.com or www.seasaltseminyak.com.

Jl. Taman Ganesha no. 9
Petitenget, Bali – Indonesia

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