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Cape Woolamai Musings, Phillip Island

wherejacwanders.com – We recently stayed at Cape Cabin situated right across the road from the gorgeous Cape Woolamai beach. One of Victoria’s most popular surfing beaches, the region was recently declared a National Surfing Reserve in recognition of its rich surfing heritage and pristine natural environment.

I love the vast openness of Australian beaches. The colours of the cliffs contrasted against yellow sand always leaves me in awe of Mother Nature. There was something so special about the pale blue of the ocean against the grey sky slowly turning lemon as the sun dipped lower against the horizon. The light reflected off the luminous white foam gave it a soft glow. Sitting on the cliffs watching all the life around me, I breathed in the salt air and was reminded that Australia is definitely ‘my place’. 

For a perfect spot to stay in Cape Woolamai check out: www.capecabin.com.


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