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Cape Cabin, My Own Little Goldilocks Zone.

wherejacwanders.com – Some places are just right. I was just looking back over my pics from our stay at Cape Cabin last summer. I couldn’t help but smile as I remembered how perfect I found this place. Cape Cabin is an original mud brick, timber A-frame home right across from the gorgeous Cape Woolamai Ocean Beach. We spent a couple of days down there with the owner Jacqueline and her family. Close friends for years, it has been a delight to watch the property transform into the stunning retreat it is now.

It is a haven away from our urban reality, surrounded by nature and overflowing with details that make our hearts sing.

The house has retained its original beachside character and warm feeling but been fitted out with wonderful contemporary comforts. No details have been spared or overlooked and this is totally a reflection of Jacqueline and her attention to detail and passion for which she embraces all she does. I really believe it’s the small details that make a place- the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, the scents selected for the soap and toiletries around the house, the soft bed linen and the bedside lamps with built in wireless phone chargers.

When everything is so comfortable and easy, it gives you a chance to focus on friends, family and relaxing. Which is just what we did. We were there as a group of nine but always felt like we had our own space to chill in or to come together as a big group and share a meal.

A few of my favourite parts of the house include the little decorations like the garden gnome perched upstairs, the loft bed- a perfect place to watch people coming and going upstairs and down, the cuckoo clock, the bedside plants and little terrarium in our room and the sound of the waves which lulled me to sleep. And I can’t not mention the light. The place seems to always be bathed in glorious light.

As I said, it feels just right for me. My own Goldilocks zone.

For more information about the house: www.capecabin.com.



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