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Blissed Out at Spa Bandara, Bandara International Hotel, Jakarta

wherejacwanders.com – A spa visit is the perfect addition to any staycation- the icing on the cake which elevates any stay to another level of relaxation. During our recent visit to Hotel Bandara International we treated ourselves to an afternoon at Spa Bandara.

We choose the traveller set menus to try. I went with the Jet Lag Treatment for 120 minutes (Swedish massage + Yon-ka classic facial + Eye treatment) and Travel Junkie went with the After Flying Treatment for 120 minutes (Traditional massage + Chocolate facial + Eye treatment). An amazing way to spend 2 hours. The women who did our massages were definitely skilled and experienced… and they gave us a wonderful massage and facial.

We left with our skin glowing and feeling totally blissed. We headed back to our suite where we soaked in a hot bubble bath then ordered room service.  We had the best fish and chips I’ve ever eaten in Jakarta! The oxtail soup was still hot and full of flavour. What a way to relax.

While we’d been at the spa, our room had been turned down and all that was left was to hop in between the crisp sheets and fall into a deep sleep.

To totally pamper yourself, book now: www.bandarahotel.com or www.accorhotels.com.


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