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Becak Tour Around Pekalongan

www.wherejacwanders.com – When we were in Pekalongan we decided to head out on a becak tour to explore the small city. Pekalongan is Central Java’s most important port, and is known for its batik. Becaks were an ideal way to check out the streets and perfect for taking photos. Since December 2014, Pekalongan has been a  member of UNESCO’s World’s Creative Cities Network. Pekalongan is the first Indonesian city and first South East Asian city listed as member of UNESCO’s World’s Creative Cities Network.


I loved the architecture and hope the city can restore and revive some of the buildings which are brimming with history of a past thriving trade port, a centre of batik, a blend of Chinese and Malay culture.

Our destination was the Pekalongan Museum of Batik. It had some beautiful pieces from different regions of Java such as Jawa Tenggah, Solo, Jogja. You can see the museum was once a wonderful place with its courtyard and grand building however its management really needs to step up and showcase the art form to the level it deserves.

I hope young Indonesians continue to value their unique culture and not get swept up in the foreign cultures which seem to be taking over all aspects of life. To me Pekalongan is a prime opportunity for the local government and the Indonesian Tourism Ministry to step up and celebrate the Javanese heritage and develop this little jewel to its true potential.

Like most of my Indonesian adventures I finished this Becak tour with food. While part of our group headed around the corner for durian, this time I headed to a street stall selling sweet Es Dawet.   This refreshing drink is a blend of sweet palm sugar, coconut milk, panda flavoured rice jellies and ice.

We booked our tour through The Sidji Hotel where we stayed in Pekalongan.



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