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Beauty and Balance at Spa Alila Seminyak

wherejacwanders.com – We took a recent weekend break to Bali and wanting to be right in the heart of Seminyak we chose the Alila Seminyak to stay in. Unfurling along a pristine beach on Bali’s southwest coast, mere steps from the Indian Ocean, Alila Seminyak ups the ante on tropical cool. A stunning beachfront resort that radiates sophistication, vibrance and vivacity, offering an indulgence of luscious lifestyle facilities and refined spaces for chilling out in style. We loved spending our weekend there, and a definite highlight was experiencing the Beauty and Balance Package at Spa Alila (150 minutes).

The experience: awaken your senses and tone your body with this rich cocoa, coffee and coconut treatment. Locally grown coffee grounds gently exfoliate while the caffeine in the coffee draws out impurities and coconut deeply conditions – a triple combination that gives skin a vivacious glow. Treatment includes soothing cleansing ritual, 60-minute therapeutic massage, a coffee and coconut scrub, cocoa and coffee mask, warm Vichy shower and silky bath.

We loved applying the mask in our own steam room- an intimately therapeutic experience. The Vichy shower pummelling the exfoliating scrub felt amazing!

Welcome to where the magic happens!

Book now: www.alilahotels.com.


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