Some people are wanderers. They spend their days with itchy feet counting down until their next adventure. Some are born wanderers. Life makes wanderers of others. I believe I was always a wanderer.


Adventures comes in all shapes and sizes. Strolls around my neighbourhood as a child filled me with wonder. A glimpse of a greenhouse fills my nose with the scent of spring hyacinths and bluebells. Flaky sausage rolls in brown paper bags and apple cakes take me to the local park bench watching the world go by. Childhood days spent climbing trees or bicycling home, a jar full of tadpoles and a bunch of flowers balanced in my basket. Summer holidays meant barefeet skipping down a hot road, a lemonade icy pole dripping down my arm and a chorus of cicadas drowning out the world. . Rockpools on beach holidays were the stuff of my dreams: car trips home with pockets of shells, sea urchins delicately held like magical treasure, salt on my lips and a face full of freckles.

Cold winter days were spent up The Magical Faraway Tree delighting in mysterious new lands and characters. Curled up under my blanket, I joined Pippi Longstocking with her stripey socks, a monkey and a chest full of golden coins. I longed for the day I could head out into the big wide world.

In leafy green inner city Melbourne, the door to our our old wooden house with its leaking roof and holey floors was always open. One day we’d have a concert pianist on our old wooden piano, another an eccentric hippy in a purple cape camped on our lawn or a newly arrived refugee family bringing mystical stories and flavours. Surrounded by those that spoke up for what they believed, encouraging me to speak my mind and shaping my inquiring mind and thirst for knowing, feeling, seeing more.

And here I am. A pocketful of dreams. I still have the face full of freckles and the stripey socks. I still love to be carried away to mysterious lands and delight in the faces I come across every day. Curiosity swirls inside me and nothing delights me more than the first mouthful of a new dish, the mystical melody of a new language, an unheard song or a piece of art. I am spellbound by the beauty of nature yet also love the vibrancy of a bright city bustling with life.

where jac wanders is a collection of my adventures. A peek inside my mind, on my page and through my lens. From Melbourne to Jakarta via the world.