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A Romantic Weekend Getaway In Solo

wherejacwanders.com – As much as I love Jakarta, at times I need a break. A getaway where I can reset myself. Escape the traffic and the business and just slow down and get back to nature. Bali is always an easy getaway but sometimes you just want somewhere quiet and relaxing.

So we headed to the central Javanese city of Solo for a break. Surakarta, more famous as Solo, is a city in Central Java flanked by mountain volcanoes Merapi and Merbabu in the north, and mount Lawu in the southeast border. Solo is famous as a stronghold and centre of Javanese culture and tradition.

It’s just a one hour flight from Jakarta, so we jumped on a plane Friday afternoon and after arriving headed straight to our hotel, Edelweiss Hideaway in Colomadu. This hotel is only a few kilometres from the International airport and as the name suggests it is a little hideaway tucked in behind local houses and rice paddies.

It was a full moon and even the trees seemed romantic that night…

After a rest and a dip in our room’s private plunge pool we headed to Wedang Kebon Kulon for a late night dinner. With its traditional Javanese architecture and music playing it was the perfect spot for late night wedang and to chat and let all the stress of big city life flow out.

We spent Saturday by our private pool where we ate our breakfast of nasi kuning and relaxed until the afternoon.

Anyone who knows me knows I love vintage and antique markets, so I couldn’t wait to check out Pasar Triwindu Market. We spent an afternoon strolling through the narrow rows and dusty stalls selling antiques and retro goods from old kitchen wares, furniture, lamps to statues to vinyls from the 60s, 70s and 80s.

I fell in love with an old gramophone- I still dream of going back to get it and spending late nights winding it up  listening to the crackly tracks and taking myself back to a simpler era of the past.

We decided to have a late lunch/ early dinner at Dapur Alit. Read more here.


Later that evening we were hungry again so headed to Wedangan Pendopo. Well known for its traditional Javanese angkringan and wedang it was the perfect end to our Saturday and a great place to chill.

Sunday morning we got up bright and early to beat the crowds of locals to Umbul Manten.  Umbul meaning water spring and Manten is from the Javanese word marriage is a local water spring named after the folklore story of a pair of newlyweds who were said to have come to the spring to bathe and vanished. Surrounded by rice paddies and stunning banyan trees the cool water was so relaxing.


We then rode back to our hotel stopping a few times as I never tire of rice paddies especially when they have a raft of ducks chattering away.



Another few hours and brunch by the pool and we checked out and headed back to Jakarta refreshed and ready to face the Big Durian once again.


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