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A Golden Day Poolside at Alila Seminyak

www.wherejacwanders.com– We spent a full day relaxing poolside during this visit to Alila Seminyak. The combination of the blue sky, infinite ocean, palm trees and great company made for a wonderful day. With a choice of pools and nearby bar and dining opportunities we stayed until the sun went down, even watching the sun set from the water.

What a glorious day!

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As the day heated up, we took a break from the tropical rays and refreshed ourselves with thirst-quenching cold beers and lunch from the poolside menu. We slept under umbrellas and palm trees.

As the sun began to sink, we lay back and enjoyed the experience –  beach music from the Beach Bar setting the tone for an evening in with a few cocktails.

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A highly recommended way to spend a day in Bali without leaving the comfort and peace of your hotel.

To enjoy this poolside bliss check out: www.alilahotels.com/seminyak


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