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wherejacwanders.com – So I recently spent a few weeks travelling around Central Java on a bike with the Travel Junkie which is always fun, but after a long road trip it’s always good to have a city break and enjoy some hotel luxuries. We flew to to Singapore with Silk Air which is always one of our favourite city destinations. We jumped in a Grab car to Yotel Singapore, the latest in the Yotel’s cabin style hotels. As first Yotel in Asia, Yotel Singapore is another example of how Yotel love to create a first class experience at excellent value in a great location.

Yotel isn’t like other hotels from the start. Instead of a tedious check in process we went straight to the self check in machines at Mission Control. It was quick and easy and we headed up to our ‘cabin’ on the 22nd floor. The first thing I noticed was the Smart Bed which could be positioned up and down with a press of a button to use like a sofa and make more space or flat like a standard bed. We spent a few minutes exploring and found all sorts of hidden features like extra power sockets, an iron and hairdryer, a fridge and a safe. The room was clean and modern designed on the principles of first class airline cabins- space saving, practical and comfortable.

You need to know the lingo too-  the rooms are cabins, housekeeping are cabin crew, engineering are fix it crew and reception is mission control.

The bathroom looked over the Singapore skyline and at night we turned off all the lights to have a romantic shower overlooking the  lights of the city. The bathroom had blackout curtains giving us the chance for a great sleep in on our first morning there. It was my favourite type of room- clean, minimalistic and finished in modern concrete.

Here’s some more of what we experienced:

Grains & Hops Restaurant, international buffet breakfast from 6.30am or discover ‘one dish’ concept offered from lunchtime onwards where a playful spin on traditional rice bowls paired with home-cured skewered meats and seafood is served.

pool open 7am to 10pm everyday and a gym open 24/7 on “TEN”.

Download Yotel’s app for express check-out, to view your bill and explore the neighbourhood with curated tips from crew! Just search for Yotel in the Apple app store or the google play store.

Book now: www.yotel.com.

Stay tuned for more of our Yotel Singapore adventures.



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