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Where Jac stayed in Karimunjawa…

We recently decided we needed time out and to stop and catch our breath. Time to laze around. Escape the rush of big cities. Feel the wind through our hair and the sun on our skin. We choose Karimunjawa and it was just perfect.

Goodbye Jepara and Hello Karimunjawa.

Goodbye Jepara & hello Karimunjawa 🛥☀️🌴

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We arrived on the island and were picked up by the friendly staff from Ayu Hotel.

Upon check in we were met by the hotel owners Eryl and Marco. The hotel has a unique concept- a series of beautiful teak bungalows and the owners’ beautiful house where we were welcomed with open arms and made to feel right at home. Stepping into Ayu Hotel was like coming home to family.

One highlight was the delicious breakfasts with fantastic coffee. We weren’t expecting such a standard on a tropical island miles off the coast of Java! We ate outside near the main house where we chatted with other guests most days and a couple of times we asked for breakfast in our room. One of our fav luxuries…

The word “Ayu” is taken from the old Javanese language, meaning “natural beauty”. And beautiful she is.

Our room was simple. With its design there was no need for air conditioning as a cool gentle breeze swept around the bungalow. The bathroom was outdoor and one of our favourite delights was standing under the stars showering at night. Just divine.

Thanks to Eryl and Marco and your gorgeous children for make us feel so welcome and helping make our Karimunjawa trip so special.

For your Karimunjawa stay: http://ayuhotel.com

Breakie on the bed with @thebojoku ☕

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  • karimunjawa tourism
    October 1, 2017

    cool mas wiwiek, my advice klo mo there Monday or selasa take a fast boat .. for klo friday and saturday often run out of tickets. regards

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